Year-round Weed Management

Designing a year-round weed management program requires planning and timely implementation. First, identify and prioritize the weeds infesting your home landscape or garden. You may decide to simply mow a weed that infests sod between buildings, whereas poison-oak or field bindweed may be intolerable near the front door or in your garden. Also, improve your weed and crop management efficiency by grouping plants that require similar practices.

Second, combine several control methods with management practices to improve crop competitiveness. Interplant crops and space plants closely to shade and compete against weeds. In food production areas, isolate perennial weed infestations and plan an attack while crops are absent. Always keep seedlings or new plants from becoming established plants, especially as perennial weeds. Apply controls at the correct time. If you choose to apply herbicides, read the enclosed information and the product label. Then calibrate your equipment and apply precisely the amount stated on the package.

Last, evaluate and continually monitor the infestation. Modify your choice of controls if results are not satisfactory. Remember, weed control requires patience and persistence!