Special Registrations for Forestry

Herbicides should carry specific recommendations for forest or similar use on their labels. Some products are registered for site preparation only, and some for more general use, including conifer release. Some products have no forestry uses on the product label but are available for use through a special local needs label (SLN supplemental label or 24c) in the appropriate state. These are separate labels and can be obtained from the manufacturer or distribution channel and must be in possession during product use. Contact your supplier for these labels, or consult the department of agriculture when legality of a label is in doubt.

Herbicide dealers and distributors are required under the Federal Pesticide Control Act of 1972 to ensure that their products are properly labeled and sold only for purposes described on the label. The major herbicides registered for forestry use are listed in the tables that follow, and in recommendations for "Grass and Herb Control for Plantation Establishment" in this chapter, with a rating of effectiveness on some important forest species.