Combining Herbicides

The purpose of combining herbicides is to exploit the strong properties of each herbicide while minimizing any weaknesses or undesirable properties. By combining herbicides at reduced rates, the grower can increase the spectrum of annual weeds controlled while reducing herbicide carryover. See label concerning the herbicides in use.

Under furrow irrigation, combinations are best applied preplant and incorporated. Some combinations (refer to labels), however, have been registered for application through sprinkler irrigation systems that incorporate them. This method of application is acceptable, provided the herbicides are applied before weeds emerge.

Refer to each label for actual rates and further details concerning herbicide combinations. Component products may have slightly different labels; thus, rates and use directions may vary slightly.


Unless specifically prohibited on the label, herbicides registered for use on the same crop may be tank mixed. Unless a tank-mix is recommended on an herbicide label, the grower, applicator, or person making the tank-mix recommendation will be responsible and liable for injury, nonperformance, or other problems associated with the application.


There exists an abundance of premixes available; listed on the next page are just a few of the many labeled for corn.