Annual Grass and Broadleaf Weeds

diuron (Karmex or Direx)

Rate 0.8 to 1.2 lb ai/a (1 to 1.5 lb/a of the 80% DF)

Time Fall-planted: apply after planting but before oats emerge. Spring-planted: apply after planting either before or after crop emerges, but within 6 weeks of planting.

Remarks Use west of the Cascades on fall-planted oats, east of the Cascades on spring-planted oats if average annual rainfall exceeds 16 inches. A smooth, moist seedbed and moisture after treatment aid weed control. Best results are usually obtained when application is made 3 to 4 weeks after planting. Do not replant to any crop within 1 year, or crop injury may result. REI 12 hr.

Caution Do not apply through any type of irrigation system.

Site of action Group 7: photosystem II inhibitor

Chemical family Substituted urea