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Colorado Potato Beetle
Colorado Potato Beetle
Two Colorado potato beetles mating 


This handbook is intended as a tool for making decisions regarding the control and management of important insect pests in the Pacific Northwest. Originally, it was written for commercial growers, county extension agents, consultants, field and nursery staff, and chemical industry representatives. In recent years we have added sections that are useful to Master Gardeners and homeowners. Most of the pest biology and biological control and cultural control recommendations are identical in COMMERCIAL and HOME settings, but we must emphasize that COMMERCIAL chemical control recommendations are to be used only by licensed pesticide applicators.

This handbook is revised and reissued annually. Information in this publication is in a constant state of change. Legal uses of many pesticides change frequently. These changes include de-listing of crops or sites from the label; new formulations requiring different application rates; and restrictions on pre-harvest applications, reapplication intervals, reentry periods or other circumstances.

The information included in the handbook is presented with the understanding that no discrimination is intended nor is endorsement by the Cooperative Extension Service implied. Trade names (brand names) of commercial pesticides are listed in this handbook to help identify pesticide common names. Authors have assembled the most reliable information available to them at the time of publication. Criticism of products or equipment not listed is not implied nor intended. Due to constantly changing laws and regulations, neither the authors, nor the Extension Services of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, assume any liability for these recommendations. Any use of a pesticide contrary to instructions on the printed label is neither legal nor recommended.

Navneet Kaur

2023 PNW Insect Management Handbook