Bean, lima-Slug


Arion spp.
Black greenhouse slug (Milax gagates)
Gray field slug (Derocerus reticulatum)
Large spotted garden slug (Limax maximus)
Marsh slug (Derocerus laeve)
Reticulated slug (Prophysaon andersoni)

Pest description, crop damage and life history


Management-biological, cultural, tactical


Management-chemical control: HOME USE

  • Some formulations are OMRI-listed for organic use.

Management-chemical control: COMMERCIAL USE

  • iron phosphate baits at 0.24 to 0.44 lb ai/a. REI: no restrictions. PHI 0 days.
  • metaldehyde baits-Do not contaminate edible plant parts. Use as needed, but not more often than once per week.