Blackberry and Raspberry-Insect contaminants at harvest

Pest description and crop damage Aphids, leafhoppers, gnats, and many other insects present a problem at harvest time, especially if berries are machine harvested. The machine harvester shakes insects from the plants, potentially contaminating berries going into the harvest trays.

Management-cultural control

Correct adjustment of air-blast or vacuum-suction cleaner systems during harvest can lessen insect contamination of machine-picked berries.

Management-chemical control: COMMERCIAL USE

Carefully timing sprays pre-bloom and before and during harvest helps diminish insect contamination.

  • malathion (several brands) at 1 to 2 lb ai/A. PHI 1 day. Apply to machine-harvested berries only. Thorough coverage is important. EC formulations may leave an oily film on the fruit when used near or during harvest.
  • pyrethrin (several brands)-Consult label for rate and use directions. PHI 0 days. PyGanic brand is OMRI-listed for organic use.