Sugar beet seed-Twospotted spider mite

Tetranychus urticae

Management-chemical control

  • bifenazate (Acramite 4SC) at 0.5 to 0.75 lb ai/A in at least 20 gal/A (ground) or at least 8 gal/A (aerial). 24c SLN WA-150003 (expires 12/31/2022). Washington only.
  • propargite (Comite) at 1.64 to 2.46 lb ai/A in 25 to 40 gal/A (ground) or at least 10 gal/A (aerial). REI 9 days. Do not exceed two sprays per year; 14-day minimum spray interval. Oregon: 24c SLN OR-190016 (expires 12/31/2024). Washington: 24c SLN WA-040019 (expires 12/31/2025).