Sugar beet seed-Garden symphylan

Scutigerella immaculata

Pest description and crop damage Active, white, fragile, centipede-like soilborne relatives of insects, 0.25 inch long, with 12 or more pairs of legs. They damage sugar beet primarily early in the season by feeding on germinating seed or on small roots of seedling plants. Symphylans are in unpredictably spotty infestations and generally are considered minor pests.

Management-chemical control

No formal economic thresholds exist for insecticide treatment decisions. No effective "rescue" treatments for symphylans can be applied postemergence in sugar beet seed fields.

  • ethoprop (Mocap EC) at 2 to 3 lb ai/A pre-emergence for control or post-emergence for suppression. 24c SLN OR-120006 (expires 12/31/2023). Oregon only.