Amphitornus, Melanopus, and Xanthippus spp.

Pest description and crop damage Nymph and adult grasshoppers can be a problem at seedling emergence. During years of high populations, grasshoppers migrate into emerging stands and devour the cotyledons. Damage is usually limited to the field margins, but total stand loss there can occur. An economic threshold of 7 to 12 grasshoppers per square meter is recommended.

Management-Chemical control (Foliar Treatment)

  • azadirachtin (AzaGuard) Spray 10 to 16 oz when pests first appear. Repeat application every 7 to 10 days. Use in combination with 0.25 to 1.0% non-phytotoxic crop oil in sufficient water to cover undersides of leaves. Repeat application every 5 to 7 days. Some formulations are OMRI-listed for organic use. OMRI- Organic Use.
  • Beauveria bassiana GHA (Mycotrol ESO) at 0.50 to 2 quarts/100 gal of spray volume. REI 4 hr. Mycotrol ESO contains live spores of the naturally occurring fungus, Beauveria bassiana Strain GHA. Spores are alive and may be harmed by storage at high temperatures or contact with water for more than 24 hr. OMRI-listed for organic use.
  • bifenthrin (Bifender FC, others) at 0.033 to 0.04 lb ai/a or 1.4 to 1.7 fl oz/a. Do not exceed 0.08 lb bifenthrin per acre per season. Do not apply within 35 days of harvest. Do not apply less than 14 days apart.
  • chlorantraniliprole (Besiege, others) at 5 to 10 fl oz/a. Do not exceed a total of 28 fl oz of Besiege or 0.09 lb ai of lambda-cyhalothrin-containing products or 0.2 lb ai of chlorantraniliprole-containing products per acre per year. PHI 21 days. Minimum interval between applications is 5 days. If adjuvants are used, use only a non-ionic surfactant (NIS).
  • cyhalothrin-gamma (Declare) at 0.0075 to 0.015 lb ai/a. PHI 7 days. Do not apply more than 0.045 lb ai per acre per season.
  • deltamethrin (Delta Gold) at 0.009 lb ai/a or 0.8 fl oz/a Do not apply more than 1.5 fl oz of Delta Gold per acre on canola in one growing season. Allow 7 days between applications. Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.
  • lambda-cyhalothrin (Lamcap II, others) at 0.015 to 0.03 lb ai/a. PHI 7 days. Do not apply more than 0.09 lb ai (5.76 fl oz or 0.36 pint of product) per acre per year. Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.
  • zeta-cypermethrin (Mustang) at 4.3 fl. oz/a or 0.05 lb ai/a. PHI 7 days. Do not apply more than 25.8 ounces of product or 0.3 lb of active ingredient per acre per season. Do not make applications less than 7 days apart.