Christmas tree (Export pests)-Exports to Mexico

Management-chemical control

The regulations for tree imports into Mexico are prescriptive and state: "A pesticide treatment is required 3 to 6 weeks prior to harvest using one of the following insecticides: permethrin at 36.8% active ingredient (ai), esfenvalerate at 8.4% ai or bifenthrin at 7.9% ai in accordance with doses recommended on the label." Check export regulations at harvest time as these may be phased out.

The pesticide label must also allow for the use of the product on Christmas trees. Only three esfenvalerate products meet both the ai and registration components of these rules:

  • bifenthrin (7.9%)-(Group 3)
    • Menace, Qualipro Bifen G/N meet the active ingredient listing for Mexico.
  • esfenvalerate (8.4%)-(Group 3)
    • DuPont Asana XL, EPA Reg. No. 352-515
    • S-FenvaloStar (LG International), EPA No. 71532-21-3006
    • Zyrate, EPA No. 71532-21-83979
  • permethrin (36.8%)-(Group 3)
    • No products meet both the Mexico ai and Christmas tree registration requirements.