Christmas tree (Common pests)-Spider mite

Oligonychus ununguis and others

Pest description and crop damage Dark green mite stipples and bronzes needles, beginning at the base. Overwinters as red-orange eggs.

Management-chemical control

  • abamectin (Avid, Minx and others)-(Group 6)
  • azadirachtin (AzaDirect and others)-Some formulations are OMRI-listed for organic production.
  • Beauveria bassiana (Naturalis L)-OMRI-listed for organic production.
  • bifenazate (Acramite 4SC, Floramite SC, and others)-(Group 20)
  • bifenthrin (Brigade, OnyxPro, Sniper and others)-Restricted use pesticide. (Group 3)
  • Chromobacterium subtsugae (Grandevo PTO)-OMRI-listed for organic use.
  • clofentezine (Apollo SC)-(Group 10)
  • etoxazole (TetraSan 5 WDG)-(Group10)
  • fenazaquin (Magistar)-(Group 21)
  • fenbutatin-oxide (Vendex and others)-Restricted use pesticide. (Group12b)
  • fenpyroximate (Akari 5 SC)-(Group 21)
  • hexythiazox (Onager, Hexygon, Savey)-(Group 10)
  • insecticidal soaps and oils (Ecotec, Captiva, M-pede, Ultra-Pure Oil, 440 Superior [Winter only] and others)-Some formulations are OMRI- listed for organic production.
  • malathion (organophosphate) (various formulations)-(Group 1)
  • propargite (Omite-30WS, Omite 6E)-Restricted use pesticide. (Group 12)
  • spinosad (Blackhawk, Conserve, Entrust and others)-(Group 5)
  • spirodiclofen (Envidor)-(Group 23)

Management-biological control

Predatory mites (Neoseiulus spp., Phytoseilulus spp. and others)-Note: Little is known regarding controlled releases yet control in plantations from native populations is common.