Christmas tree (Common pests)-Eriophyid needle mite

Epitrimeris spp. and others

Pest description and crop damage Very tiny, white, worm-shape mites found along stem and needle bases. Infested foliage takes on an olive-green color; older needles drop prematurely.

Management-chemical control

Biology and distribution of this mite is not well understood. Apply when new growth is 1 inch or less.

  • abamectin (Avid, Minx and others) (Group 6)
  • carbaryl (Sevin and others)-(Group 1)
  • fenazaquin (Magister and others)-(Group 21)
  • fenpyroximate (Akari 5SC)-(Group 21)
  • horticultural oil (Omni Supreme, 440 Superior Oil, Ultra-Pure Oil and others)-Test for phytotoxicity for any new product prior to widespread use. Some formulations are OMRI-listed for organic production.
  • spirodiclofen (Envidor)-(Group 23)