Harvest Aid

carfentrazone (Aim EC)

Rate 0.016 to 0.096 lb ai/A (1.0 to 6.1 oz/A Aim EC)

Time Apply at maturity when 80 to 90% of seed pods are yellow or buck skin color and only 30% of green leaves remain on the plant.

Remarks Can be applied up to 0 days before harvest. Use a minimum of 15 gallons of finished spray per acre for ground application and 5 gallons per acre for aerial application. MSO or COC is required at 1 to 2% v/v. The addition of liquid nitrogen fertilizer at 2 to 4% v/v may enhance performance.

Caution Do not apply more than 6.1 oz/A per season.

Site of action Group 14: protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) inhibitor

Chemical family Triazinone

glyphosate (several trade names)

Rate 0.6 to 2.25 lb ae/A glyphosate (product rate will vary depending on formulation)

Time Apply to crop at the hard dough stage.

Remarks Preharvest interval is 7 days. Not recommended for lentils grown for seed.

Caution Only certain formulations are labeled. See label. See label for adjuvant use. Do not feed treated vines or hay.

Site of action Group 9: inhibits EPSP synthase

Chemical family None generally accepted

paraquat (Gramoxone SL 2.0 or other trade names)

Rate 0.3 to 0.5 lb ai/A (1.2 to 2 pints/A Gramoxone)

Time Apply when crop is mature: this means at least 80% of pods are yellowing and mostly ripe with no more than 30% of leaves still green.

Remarks Use with a nonionic surfactant at 0.25 % v/v. Split applications permitted. Do not exceed two applications per season or 2 pints/A of Gramoxone SL 2.0. Apply in at least 20 gal/A water by ground or in at least 5 gal/A by air.

Caution A restricted-use herbicide. Do not allow to drift from target site. Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.

Site of action Group 22: photosystem I electron diversion

Chemical family Bipyridilium

saflufenacil (Sharpen)

Rate 0.022 to 0.044 lb ai/A (1.0 to 2.0 oz/A Sharpen)

Time Apply over the top of lentils that have reached physiological maturity (at least 80% yellow/brown pods and no more than 30% of leaves are still green.

Remarks Allow up to 10 days for optimum desiccation effect. Thorough spray coverage and an MSO plus ammonium-based adjuvant system are required for optimum desiccation.

Caution Maximum cumulative amount per cropping season for desiccation uses is 2.0 oz/A. Do not apply within 2 days of harvest.

Site of action Group 14: protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) inhibitor

Chemical family Uracil