Annual and Perennial Grasses

clethodim (SelectMax)

Rate 0.068 to 0.091 lb ai/A

Time Apply to actively growing annual or perennial grasses at the appropriate stage of grass growth as indicated on label.

Remarks For grass weed control only. See label for specific rates, weed species, and weed size. Always add a non-ionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v in the finished spray volume. Control may be erratic on grasses stressed by conditions such as drought, temperature extremes, and insect and herbicide damage. Do not apply if rain is expected within 1 hour of application.

Caution Do not exceed 0.091 lb ai/A of clethodim per season. Adding fertilizer to spray solution is not recommended. Do not apply after the crop has begun to bolt. See label for restrictions on livestock grazing and feeding, and cutting for forage or hay.

Site of action Group 1: acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitor

Chemical family Cyclohexanedione

sethoxydim (Poast)

Rate 0.19 to 0.48 lb ai/A (1 to 2.5 pints/A Poast)

Time Apply to actively growing grasses listed on label.

Remarks Ask knowledgeable individuals about susceptible grasses in your area. Control may be erratic on grasses stressed by lack of vigor, drought, or high temperature. Fine fescues and annual bluegrass are tolerant to sethoxydim; quackgrass is suppressed.

Caution Do not exceed 5 pints/A product per year. Preharvest interval is 60 days. Do not mix or apply with any other pesticide, additive, or fertilizer except as label directs.

Site of action Group 1: acetyl CoA Carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitor

Chemical family Cyclohexanedione