Dairy cattle-Scabies mite

Sarcoptes scabiei

Management-chemical control

  • calcium polysulfide dip or spray (Novasource Lime-Sulfur Solution; Rex Lime-Sulfur Solution)-Dilute 1 gal in 15 gal warm water. Dipping vats must be maintained at 95° to 105°F. Use mixture only once; retreat animals as needed every 12 days. Lime sulfur corrodes application equipment.
  • permethrin spray (Atroban 11% EC)-Dilute 1 quart to 50 gal water. Spray 1 to 2 qt per animal and get thoroughly wet. Repeat application in 10-14 days.
  • permethrin spray (Durvet;10%, Prozap Insectrin X Concentrate)-Dilute 0.64 oz (normal infestation) or 1.28 oz (severe infestation) per gal water (0.05%, 0.10%). Spray to thoroughly cover entire animal. Spray lactating cows only after milking is completed. Second treatment recommended in 14-21 days.
  • permethrin spray (Gardstar 40% EC)-Dilute at 118 ml (4 fl oz) per 25 gal water (0.05% ai). Apply 1 to 2 quarts high pressure spray over body of animal. Thoroughly web animal. Repeat application 10-14 days.